Saturday, March 14, 2009

Now that the 13th has come & gone...

I still am having issues with this blog layout. I want my sidebar back on my side! I have been thinking and thinking... not a good thing, I dare say. The only solution is to delete this blog and perhaps have more luck with creating a new one.

Other than that...

Ramona continues to thrive. We started obedience classes with her on Thursday. Only R and I went to the first class. Now we have 8 weeks of positive reinforcement training.

I have paid the deposit to the plumber. On Monday he starts digging up our back yard to find where our pipes meet the city pipes. The city water person came out and showed R where that place should be. Next we have to clean out and demo the old bathroom. On April 6th the plumber starts replacing all our water pipes. In a little while, we are going out to pick out flooring, tile and paint. We decided to reuse the vanity that is in there but will sand it down and repaint it then put on a new counter top and install a new sink. The plumber will install the new tub and I am going to have a professional tile the surround. The toilet -- what can you say about the toilet?? It will be new and water efficient -- that is all the required info, right? LOL I really need to take before pictures, no matter how sick they are.

The cable problem is solved. The engineers worked on it last Saturday morning and most of Monday morning. Ramona loved the 2 bucket trucks at the utility pole. She chases birds and butterflies, so you can imagine her joy at chasing a men in buckets. But I am very happy as I got to watch my Red Sox beat the Yankees 8-4 last night. I don't care if it is spring training... WE BEAT THEM!!!

I have started reading Anne of Green Gables and have decided that, even though I read it as a "child" there is much more to it than this child ever found. I have the set of 8 books to read and I shall finish them in time. I am also looking at some of my other childhood books to reread. I am sure I can find value in them.

There is some not so great stuff throwing itself at me. If I'm not around for a while, I would rather not post when I am angry or upset. I am trying to pull myself up by the bootstraps and I will post when I can.

Thanks for stopping by......


  1. honey i hope you don't delete your blog. i know what is wrong with it but i don't know how to fix it.

    there is something in your sidebar that is too wide and it is now forced down under the posts. either that has to be changed or in the html of the template it has to be set to a higher number in the right sidebar. like if it is 30 it needs to be set to maybe 40. somebody has to be able to do this. i am going to look in mine but i don't have the same template as you. i'll be back.

    smiles, bee

  2. okay here's what i see you your blog. those two photos are too wide. they need to be resized. try to delete them and see if that brings the sidebar up. if not, i'll get into the html. i have to do that when i am not too tired though like i am now.

    you can email be if you want to.

    smiles, bee

  3. I think that Bee may be right about the pictures being too wide. Did your sidebar go all hinky after you posted the pictures? Most sidebars can't hold very big pictures and that could be throwing off your old view - though I still see everything on the side!

    Glad to hear you got to watch the Red Sox trounce the Yankees. Even though I don't watch baseball on a regular basis, I always smile when the Sox beat the Yanks! I can't help it, I'm a New Englander!

    I hope that whatever the "not so great stuff" is that's throwing itself at you doesn't cause you too much stress/distress. Good luck with whatever it is and if you need to vent, it's your blog - go for it!

  4. Whoo Hoo, You got your sidebar back. Congratulations. Lani gave us a scare landing in the hospital so I sympathize with the family things catching up with you.


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