Thursday, March 26, 2009

the work has begun

First of all, as much as I love that red enamel claw-foot tub that I pictured here a few days ago, it is not the tub going into my new bathroom. The room is much too small for the elegance of that tub; PLUS I would never be able to get out of it -- if I could get into it.

The guys are here now. The old 60's bathroom is almost history. Can you see how horribly dark and dingy the room is/was? I think I have everything in place. I am nervously excited about all this. Oh... here are the guys actually starting the work. I will take more pictures later.

And for those of you who made comments about it... these guys are really great -- but not not for me. I have enough trouble taking care of the one I caught. Speaking of R, right now he is at the dermatologist having a skin problem checked out. His cancer doctor found some basal cell carcinoma during the last exam and now R has a dermatologist (adding that to his primary care physician, his oncologist, his knee doctor, his podiatrist -- have I missed anyone? Oh yes, the bone specialist that he may need some day). I think it's nap time... LOL


  1. we sure know all about all those doctors! if it's not me it's sarge, so many drs!!!

    smiles, bee

  2. Can't wait to see new pics of the bathroom! And if the guys working on it are cute, feel free to post a few pics just so I can drool a bit!

  3. Between you and Lois we are getting an education most contractors would envy.

    Hope all goes well with the doctor for R. Try not to add any medical folks for yourself.


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