Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Royal Thank You Award

This award has been created to thank those three special people who never gave up on getting me back into the blogging world – for all the time, care and concern you showed me. You have helped to save my sanity and my blog.

(You can probably figure out where I found the inspiration for this award.)

To Empress Bee (of the High Sea) and to Duchess Linda (Are We There Yet?) … Thank you for stopping by yesterday. You made me think back and remember problems I had with 2 postings.

And to a very dear friend Jamie (Duward Discussion) who lent assistance and concern over the amount of hair I was pulling from my head.

The actual problems were in posting some pictures. I was in too much of a hurry to get the postings done to take time to rectify the problem. At least I remembered that there were problems in those 2 posts. Once I deleted the 2 writings, my sidebar was back where it should be. And now, I will be much more patient – yeah, right.
I am so happy that things look normal now.
Can you see me smiling?


  1. a TIARA???? yay!!! thanks so much!

    smiles, bee

    (whistling: i have a tiara! i have a tiara! i have a tiara!)

  2. Thank you. We must invite Mimi over for a tea and tiaras party. All I did was keep you sane. The other two did all the work.

  3. Where is that cottage and can I move in?

  4. I know she's been bed ridden and full of pain killers, but I do believe the queen may have missed her tiara. This could get interesting.

  5. I know how frustrating that was for you, believe me! I'm glad you are up and running again with a pretty new header picture.

    Make sure you have saved a copy of every post, in case you should ever need to start a "new blog." Does blogger let you do that? If not, then keep a file. After all the work we put into these darned things, it's a shame to lose it!

  6. So glad to have been of assistance even if it was only in the encouragement department as that's an area that we all need some help in from time to time. Blogging can be a lot of fun but it can also be a royal pain in the royal rump from time to time!

    And I do love the tiara - we Duchesses just don't have as many of them as Empresses do - or Queens! Thank you so very much!


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