Friday, March 6, 2009

if it weren't fer bad luck...

Since I still find my right-hand sidebar at the bottom of my posts, and I have tried without success to get it back where it belongs when I view my blog on my computer. I shall go along as if nothing is wrong. If you need any of my personal or blog info and don't see it to the right of this post, just scroll down (all the way down).

It just goes along with everything that is going whacky around here for the last week. On February 25th, I upgraded our cable package to include stations that would allow me to watch more baseball this spring/summer/fall. So far, the one station that I really, really want to view has chosen stubbornly NOT to come in. Today will make the THIRD time a tech has come out to evaluate our problem and request a line tech to fix the problem. "We" have installed a new box, and run new cable from the pole to the house. And each tech reaches the same conclusion: the problem is at the pole connection and to fix that you need a line technician (and a bucket truck). So far that line tech has been requested twice ~ and have failed to show up. The ONLY way to request his service is through a regular tech. Do ya think they are sick of hearing from me yet? Oh... and I am not paying for this new service until the problems are taken care of. So I can view most of the new channels, but I refuse to pay for it until I can view the WHOLE package. And they KNOW it.

Ramona is doing well. She has her second vet appointment this afternoon. We need to get a poop sample to take with us. She is not cooperating. What next??

On Tuesday morning #1 son bent over to pick up a case of soda. He twisted just right and pulled out his back. For two days he used my just-in-case walker. He is doing better today - walking a little gingerly and still needs to spend time off his feet.

I won't mention that when we went out to dinner on Monday night I caught my right foot in the threshold of the door and pulled a muscle in my groin. I am going to survive this also. I hope... and the luck of the Irish is just around the corner... hurry St. Patrick's Day!!


  1. Sounds like everyone is a little accident prone. start looking for the four leaf clover.

  2. I waited until Saturday to read, since you said it wasn't good. Don't you hate it when sidebars go wonky? It'll come back, won't it?

    You have had a string of bad luck, girl. Should I send YOU some lucky charms? lol

    Hugs...just in case they help.

  3. #1 son has my greatest sympathy and empathy! Good thing you have that just-in-case walker. I'm seriously thinking about getting a can myself, or a good walking stick at the very least!

    Hope that your luck changes along with our time change tonight (I really hate losing an hour of sleep!). And good for you for not paying for that upgraded cable package until they get it fixed. You shouldn't have to pay for something that doesn't work!

  4. Well girlfriend,
    Even though you are on the other side of the country you continue to stretch me out of my self-imposed box. It has taken me this long to decide to follow you in this computer adventure.
    It will be well worth it when you can sit and watch the baseball games that aren't within driving distance.
    John was sad, in the beginning at the closing of Shea. Now he is looking forward to the opening of the new park.
    The thought of baseball warms me up. The snowbanks at the end of our street are now about waist high. However, there has never been a year that spring hasn't come! Hugs - Nan

  5. Sheesh woman!!! Take it easy on yourself. Hope everything improves dramatically.

  6. OH pop by my place and find out how to become a super woman.


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