Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Tuesday afternoon R and I took a little trip to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
With all our planning for our bathroom renovation, we have been looking ways to save a bit of money.
This past Saturday, R read an article in the paper about a Habitat for Humanity ReStore that opened in an industrial park (former military base) on the southeast side of Sacramento.
Although this is not the first one in the Sacramento area, it is HUGE.
We had to enter through the old military gate and have our license plate registered.
Then we got directions to the building.
It was very easy to find.
I had R check out the territory for items that we need. Specifically, we were looking for a white vanity, a large mirror to go over the vanity, grab bars and replacement doors. Although there was a lot of bathroom ‘stuff’, one of the volunteer workers told R that you have to be here right when the ReStore opens to get the best stuff. Alas, we didn’t find anything we could use; but we did find another source where we can search out our building needs.

The following is information found on the Sacramento Habitat for Humanity Website:

Sacramento Habitat for Humanity's retail recycling facility, the ReStore, will sell donated, quality building materials at greatly discounted rates to all members of the general public. This project should allow low-income homeowners, in particular, the opportunity to save their homes from disrepair. The materials collected and funds raised will increase Habitat's home-building capacity.

ReStore? What's a ReStore?

The ReStore will serve as a much-needed, creative addition to the Sacramento Valley. Incredible amounts of building material are going unused and, unfortunately, end up primarily in area landfills. In 2006 the ReStore supported the environment by diverting over 15 million pounds of materials away from local landfills, by reselling useable home improvement products. This program encourages the reuse and recycling of these and other quality products. The discounted rate will provide low-income homeowners with a cost- effective alternative when they repair or renovate their homes, thus helping preserve the Valley's supply of low-income housing.

Any materials that can be applied to the construction of a Habitat home will be utilized. These products will thereby decrease the affiliate's cost of construction. In addition, funds raised are applied back into Habitat home construction providing the affiliate with key building materials thus benefiting our organization’s mission of eliminating substandard housing. Both applications will vastly increase our home-building capacity.

In addition to benefiting Sacramento Habitat for Humanity, affiliates in Yolo, El Dorado, and Placer counties will also be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Revenues are allocated to each affiliate based on donations made on their behalf to the ReStore. We fully expect customers from all four counties to take advantage of the wonderful deals available.

The Habitat ReStore idea has been introduced at multiple other affiliates over the past decade.

While the ReStore is a novel approach for the Sacramento Valley region, it is a successful and replicable model that has been established in over 70 communities throughout the United States. The Sacramento ReStore is one of the largest covering 50,000 square feet under one roof dedicated to providing a wide array of building materials for home repair at highly discount prices.


  1. Thanks for putting this up. I passed along the information. You may need to be an early bird to get the good stuff, but it sounds as if it is worth the effort.

  2. What a great idea! That isn't by any chance the former Mathers Air Force Base, is it? That's one of the few that I remember in the Sacramento area from back in my Air Force days ... long, long ago!


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