Thursday, December 11, 2008

"My First Award," she said blushing.

Today I received this nice little award from Linda of Are We There Yet who received it from a very impressive list of bloggers down the line... I was completely surprised to have this honor bestowed upon “newbee” me… COMPLETELY SURPRISED!!
Before I endeavor to share these 7 facts, I have to admit that, at this point in my blogging life, I have nowhere to go with this. So, if you read it, and want to continue with the tag… consider yourself tagged. If not, here are some facts about “newbee” me…

1. I am a die-hard member of the Red Sox Nation (that’s Boston Red Sox).
2. I LOVE to laugh.
3. I talk to inanimate objects.
4. Sometimes, I sing silly songs to whomever is around – or to nobody at all.
5. I don’t mind being alone; but do not like feeling lonely.
6. I enjoy being creative in a crafty kind of way (crochet; knitting; card making; beading).
7. I have an evil twin (who raises her really ugly self at the most inopportune times).
Thank you Linda.


  1. About that evil twin! I think we have met over a scrabble board somewhere. :-)

  2. You're welcome, Carol! Even though you're a newbee to the wonderful world of blogging you have already written some fantastic posts and you obviously have a knack for it. That right there makes you a superior scribbler!

    Red Sox fan, eh? Then you must know very well all of the ups and downs that goes along with that!

    I don't mind being alone either but the lonely part - yeah, I could do without it; and I, too, have an evil twin! Her name is Belinda and every once in awhile she comes to visit and makes a pest of herself! Chances are real good she's shown up at a Scrabble board from time to time, too!

  3. oh i talk to inanimate objects too!

    smiles, bee


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