Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mimi's Monday Meme on Tuesday

I got a really late start on today (Tuesday). I wanted to do this post last night, but let sleep take over my life very early in the evening. So, for fear of ending up in Bloggingham Dungeon full of fruitcake, I must complete this meme as posted at Bloggingham Castle.

Mimi's Betty Boop Meme

1. I am good when I... sit quietly in my corner where I usually fall asleep.

2. I am naughty when I ... let my impulses take hold of my 'rational' thinking.

3. The world would be a better place if people would Deck the Halls with garlands of respect and honesty instead of leafless boughs of hate and lies.

4. Have you ever snuck into the living room in the middle of the night, unwrapped your gifts and wrapped them back just to see what was under the Christmas Tree for you? Ah, no. My energies all went into finding the hiding places so I wouldn't have to deal with that *bleeping* paper and tape.

5. Have you ever been stuck in a chimney? Again, no... but that question does bring back a childhood memory of being stuck in a neighbor's attic. (I'll leave that story as a subject for another post.)

6. Who would you like to stuff in a stocking and why? Let's just say, it would involve stuffing, tying and throwing it in the Potomac River.

7. 12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping, 10 lords a leaping, 9 ladies dancing, 8 maids a milking, 7 swans a swimming, 6 geese a laying, 5 gooooolden rings, 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtledoves and a partridge in a pear tress (whewwww).... Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar.... Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, AND Rudolph.

8. On the 13th day of Christmas my true love gave to me... 13 more days of patience.

9. Imagine that Santa Claus really does exist for a moment. If the Big Guy could grant you any wish, what would your most hedonistic and self-centered wish be? Take me back to age 35 with the wisdom I have today, the body of Elle Macpherson, and the business sense and money of Donald Trump.

10. When you make your list, do you check it twice and find out who's been naughty or nice or do you just get everybody a box of chocolate covered cherries and call it a day? Either the cherries or Almond Rocca Holiday Peppermint.


  1. Bwahaha! You made me chuckle. I'm wondering what you are throwing in the Potomac!! I hope your Christmas holidays are lovely with no bleeping tape.

    Now, do you have a favorite post you want me to "tweet?"

  2. No special post, Shelly... I am just so happy that people are reading my blog

  3. Oh My! You have been discovered by the Queen and sent on an heroic quest (Euphamism for bonked with her scepter). Very well done.


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