Friday, December 19, 2008

At the end of August, my oldest son and I drove from Sacramento, CA to Pittsfield, MA.
It took a week to accomplish this.
This picture was taken heading east on I-80 in Wyoming.
The storm cloud, which produced about 100 raindrops, looked like a giant bird swooping down on us.


  1. I've taken the drive across I80 more times than I can remember at the moment and I always thought that Wyoming had the most beautiful skies as well as some of the most interesting scenery ever.

    It is a very, very, very long drive, though - isn't it?!? The last time I made the trip across I80 was in 1987 with a rental van and my 6-year old son from Stockton, CA to Canterbury, CT. Talk about a trip!

  2. I want to dtive across the US more than any other trip I can imagine

    a beautiful sky shot!

  3. LINDA: yes, it is very long... but it looks so easy in the atlas... LOL

    DIANNE: thanks for stopping by... the trip really is worth it, especially if you have time to stop and smell the roses

  4. The wide open Wyoming country sky is impressive indeed. The cloud formations offer a spectacular sight, something the Front Range terrain doesn't!

  5. Wow, it does look like something is swooping down from the clouds to getcha doesn't it? Great shot!!

    Thanks so much for playing. Your support is much appreciated.


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