Monday, December 22, 2008


How did my mother do it? How did she face this holiday season and come through it without inflicting bodily harm on anyone (specifically me, I was – am - such a witch)? How in the great scheme of all that is Christmas, did she do it? The shopping, the baking, the wrapping, the cleaning, the preparing for and cooking for company and dealing with us kids… how the heck did she do it?

Chris and I finished making four batches of cookies; and I am very pleased about that – oatmeal gumdrop, Baileys Brownies (this was a new idea of mine, use Bailey’s Irish Cream instead of water… oh YUMMMMMMM), chocolate chip, and cut out sugar cookies. And we have sampled them ALL. The menus are planned and, unless appetites have wandered too far through my refrigerator and pantry, all items should be in place. Hmmmm… perhaps I should post the menu on the door of the refrigerator least someone be tempted.

I think all my shopping is done and the gifts are wrapped. When my boys were growing up, I had to save all the wrapping for Christmas Eve. And, I had to remember where the heck I hid everything. (Three boys really could overpower me and get the hidden keys to the hiding places.) Now all I have to do is clean up the guest room for our friend who arrives on Wednesday – that can be done on Tuesday, right? Oh, and then there’s the bathroom… clean that also (check).

I don’t know about you guys, but I am exhausted just thinking about all this. Am thinking that a nap is sounding really, really good and it’s still morning. But my naps usually last about 15 minutes then SOMEONE just HAS to ask me a question.
Don’t you see me with my eyes closed and hear me quietly snoring on the sofa?? Don’t ya?? HUH??

P.S. No family member or memory has been damaged in the making of this post… I ‘stole’ all the pictures from the www


  1. a day without a nap is like a day without sunshine... remember that! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. Naps always sound good to me but you're right about them getting disturbed!

    I don't know how our parents did it because Lord knows I haven't been doing a very good of managing anything lately!

    When I was a kid I just couldn't fathom people wanting to go away for the holidays and be somewhere other than home and yet now that I'm an adult, I understand it completely and wish I could go, too!

  3. I was sooooooooooo right... 10 minutes into my nap the PHONE RANG... do not these people know I am retired and NEED my nap??? Now I'm gonna be a witch for the rest of the day... grrrrrrrrrr

  4. How do you fail in paint? ERase and start over........ its not too bad! Use the paint spray can, not the pencil!


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