Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sullivan Is Here

Sullivan arrived about an hour ago. He and Gilbert have been gleefully reunited. It warms my heart to see the brothers happy again.

Sully seems to have had a bit of a problem getting here. I gathered this first by observing the condition of his shipping “home”. And then, after having a heart to heart with him, Sully admitted to being terribly claustrophobic and did attempt to escape on at least one occasion. However, after peering out of the carton and observing his surroundings, he decided that claustrophobia was indeed the better of his options.

Both Gilbert and Sullivan send warm HELLOs and HUGs to Morgen at the Wren’s Nest. They do miss some of their buddies, but thank Morgen for selecting them for this loving home.

And we are soooooooooo happy to have them living here.


  1. Sully is adorable and looks very happy now.

  2. they are both adorable!

    smiles, bee

  3. Oh dear ... doesn't Sully know that trying to jump out of a moving parcel is not a good thing?!?

    Glad to see the boys are reunited and looking very festive together!


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