Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's ALL about the almighty dollar

Before I launch into my tirade… HAPPY JULY, EVERYONE.
I sure hope you guys back in New England get a little taste of summer sometime soon – without the humidity. Our heat wave is subsiding... it was only 98* yesterday.

To say the least, my fuse has become very short these days. Some of the anger directed at one faction of California government or another. Remember back in February when I mentioned that this almighty state would be paying our income tax refunds with IOU’s? Well, they are at it again. If a budget hasn’t been passed and accepted, the Governator says the state will pay all its bills with IOU’s starting July 1st. When I went to bed last night, there was still no budget. Ditto on the news this morning.

I don’t believe I have ever been daring enough to fall off my middle-of-the-road horse. I normally don’t like ruffling feathers. I really surprised myself on this one. Anyway, on Tuesday, June 30, 2009, I emailed my state senator. I know it’s a bit late, but then so is the budget. I don’t want to offend anyone, HOWEVER… one of the biggest expenses this state incurs the giving of unearned benefits to illegal aliens. The politically correct term is UNDOCUMENTED persons, but to me they are one in the same. I just wish someone in the government could tell me WHY we support people who do nothing to contribute to our state… that is CONTRIBUTE, not drain. I must be really dumb as I cannot figure it out.

Just an FYI: Richard’s COBRA runs out at the end of July and he can’t get any state assistance. He is not eligible for Medicare until February 2010 and it will cost us almost $800 per month to continue COBRA insurance for another year.

Another ridiculous expenditure this state has is the salaries it pays these political idiots. I thought during the last “special” election we had in May (which cost the state a few million), we-the-people said: agree on a budget or don’t get paid. We-the-people were heard loud and clear weren’t we. Looks like we are going to get more new taxes and fewer services. State employees – poor things – are going to have to take 3 unpaid days off every month until this budget thing is reconciled. Aren’t any of them just grateful to have a job?

The second political issue digging at my sensibility button is that Sacramento Department of Transportation has decided the gate in our back yard that opens on to 24th Street is now an illegal access. This was NOT an issue when Richard bought the house (in 1985). But now our vice mayor is working with D.O.T. to beautify a two-block stretch of the west side of 24th Street. And, of course, it's right in/on/near/in the vicinity of our back yard. To make a long story short, after joining with our neighbors and writing many letters to many different government officials and to 2 of Sacramento’s major TV station problem-solvers (no response from them yet), we finally found a real estate lawyer who is not afraid to fight (this idiocy from the vice mayor’s office at) city hall. He (the lawyer) is trying to find out exactly who owns the easement property the city wants to “beautify”. I am all for making things look nice. My major issue with this plan is WHY the heck are they using precious money for this non-essential project at this time? Haven’t they heard that the state is going bankrupt (refer to above paragraphs)?? Oh yes, the mayor has heard that. He wants to get rid of the city manager… would that be to have that money back in the city budget OR would that be so he has more free-rein in ruining, I mean running, our city?

Is it just me, or has common sense died? Doesn’t anyone else see this senselessness? We-the-people are like a herd of cattle that is being driven towards the edge of a very high cliff and our elected officials are hoping we just keep running and fall off the edge. This scares me… A LOT!!

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just to forewarn y'all tomorrow is the family tirade...


  1. It's simple honey. We are a welfare state run by liberals. Yes, it's crazy. It's a crying shame.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. If we tried to give people a IOU for what we owed them they would laugh in our faces.


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