Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Edit & Some Ramblings

After much deliberation, I have deleted a great portion of Monday’s posting. Believing that sometimes too much information is just that … too much information. The remaining portion satisfactorily covers the topic of where I have traveled. Writing the stories associated with certain states was an exercise I needed to do for myself – and I didn’t need to subject you to my wordiness. At some point in time, I may throw in a ‘state’ story or two. But for now, that project is finished.

Which brings me to general ramblings of my yesterday (Monday).

I still wonder how I can remember some of those travel stories and NOT remember to buy cereal when I got groceries last night – it was right there at the top of my list. Good thing Richard still has some Frosted Mini-Wheats left.

The word at the top of this list may look like "corn," but on my list it was most definitely cereal.

It has been HOT here… 106*, 108*, 102* for the last three days. Today it should be down to 98*. Anyway, our pantry was looking a bit too slim; so Son #1 and I headed for our new Super WalMart last night – it opened on June 17th.
I figured that MOST people would have gone there and gone home already.
I really expected (HOPED) it would look like the picture.
I was so very NOT right.
We got there about 9:15 -- along with everyone else on our side of town.
So much for that idea.
The place was a ZOO (some people really do belong in cages).
I like quiet WalMart shopping. So I usually go about 7 or 7 :30 in the morning.

To ward off boredom during this heat wave, I have been knitting and crocheting. The other day, I spied a sweater that I had started for granddaughter Rebecca. So I finished that. Her brother, Jon, has requested a new hoodie. And suddenly, there are a several young pregnant gals in my acquaintance circle. What better way to get rid of some of the yarn that has been hanging out in my craft room for a much too long time.
It's another hot one today. Son #1 got up early and made a tuna/macaroni salad and now has chili cooking in the crock pot. And I am off to the "knitting corner."

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping by...


  1. I'm in the same heatwave you're in. It's been a hot one for sure. I'm glad it will cool down by the end of the week.

    As for shopping. We went to Costco and Raley's yesterday. Everyone was there too. Everyone. It was wall to wall people. I didn't care for it one bit either.

    Have a great day. :)

  2. No heatwaves out here to speak of yet this year and even though I am tired of the rain, I can do without the heat and the humidity thank you very much!

    As for WalMart, you are SO right, it's best taken in small doses with as few people as possible wandering the aisles making fools of themselves.

    Stay cool out there - as much as possible!


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