Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back from the foothills...

This is a picture taken in February when we visited our friend Ed (a.k.a. Mr Moose) in Sonora. The hill doesn't look ALL that steep from here, but it sure is when you try to walk up -- or down. Anyway, we had another very nice visit with our friend over the past few days. It was very warm -- hot even. We are in the midst of another summer heat surge. Anyway, I would have taken pictures on this trip but my camera decided to have a "melt-down". Yes, I have tried new batteries.

One of the highlights of my visit this time was to participate in Old Farts' Day at the local Sonora grocery stores. Sonora is about 45% retirees and on Tuesday some of the grocery stores give the seniors 5% off on their entire grocery bill. Ed figured that last year he spent about $4000. on groceries. Since he shops on Tuesdays almost ALL the time, it worked out to a savings of about $200. Now that's nothing to sneeze at, right?

We also watched the State Farm Home Run Derby on Monday night and the All Star Game on Tuesday night.

I had a long long phone conversation with my 85+ year old aunt on Sunday. She lives in Wisconsin and I was hoping to garner some more knowledge about my dad's childhood from her. It looks like this is going to be quite a project for me. I want to do this for my sons and grandchildren, so they know something of their heritage... then again... that's another story that I will share with y'all some day.

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  1. I didn't realize that Sonora was mostly retirees. I love the grocery store incentive. Way cool. Wish they would do that here. I do love the rolling hills in that neck of the woods. Great little town.

    Have a terrific day Carol. :)

  2. Old Fart's Day is a shopping day? Nothing to sneeze at? Hmm. As long as you don't fart and sneeze at the same time....


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