Saturday, January 3, 2009

Smokey's Visit and other things...

This is Smokey. He is a seven-year-old sheltie, and he has been our houseguest for the last few days while his ‘people’ went to Reno for a New Year get-away. When our next-door neighbors, George and Glada, need a short vacation (usually to Reno), Smokey comes here for a visit. For the first 24 hours, Smokey just mopes around feeling rejected, deserted and oh so sorry for himself (refer to above photo).

This time it was even more difficult for our furry – very furry – friend. You see, his people have had a visitor for the last few weeks (a relative who is going through a divorce, I heard from someone); and this visitor has a small dog also. When George dropped Smokey off on Tuesday morning, he told us that their visitor would be leaving the next morning. Well, Smokey was a tad bit upset that first night when there was another dog in HIS yard. He was not a happy pup to say the least… barking and running in circles and getting really anxious to go back home as he figured George and Glada were there without him.

We thought that everything would quiet down the next day when the visitor and his dog left. WRONG! We have spent the last four days living with a dog on the edge. The visitor guy, for some reason unknown to us, did not leave Wednesday morning. For the entire time his people have been gone, there has been another dog in Smokey’s house and playing in his yard. Can you imagine what was going through this poor pup’s mind? I don’t blame him for going ballistic over this whole situation. Had I been in the shoes of the visitor next door, I would gladly have volunteered to look after Smokey (knowing full well I would not be going anywhere before George and Glada got home). When George picked Smokey up this evening, "R" mentioned Smokey’s trauma over this whole incident. I guess George supplied a satisfactory explanation of what was going on. It really is none of my business, but I have a few words I would like to say to the visitor next door. Of course, I am a coward as there are far too many guns available to too many people these days. So I will keep my mouth shut for now. I just feel badly that it was such an unpleasant experience for our friend Smokey.

On the bright side, it was fun having the pup running through the house for a few days. "R" remarked how quiet it was this evening as we watched The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. Now that was an excellent sequel to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. "R" is such a redneck, I am very surprised at his interest in these movies. I was surprised that he actually watched all three Shrek movies too. Come to think of it, Shrek is sort of a redneck himself – in a round about happily-ever-after way with a Mike Myers Scottish accent. I have managed to watch Mamma Mia three times through the holidays. My next purchase is going to be a portable DVD player so I don’t need the TV and the DVD player. I still have Man of LaMancha that I bought a year ago and haven’t watched because it’s a “chick flick” and I am the only chick in the house.

Some days, it just doesn’t pay to get up. Tonight it didn’t pay to go to bed. I’m tired enough when I climb in bed, but then the mind starts going – and forgets to stop so that I can fall asleep. I did accomplish something by getting up instead of tossing and turning. But, for now, I'll say "good night" and/or "good morning".


  1. Poor Smokey, I'd have been going through the same thing thinking I had been replaced by some young upstart who had taken over my house and yard!

    We watched "Prince Caspian" a couple Sundays ago and thoroughly enjoyed it even though it wasn't necessarily a "chick flick" (we do branch out from time to time!). "Man of LaMancha" is one of my favorites, a great story with great songs!

    Hope you eventually got some sleep last night - being sleep deprived truly stinks!

  2. Anyone who thinks animals don't communicate or "really" think, has never lived with any. It's nice to know Pup is now back in HIS domain that he lets the humans share.


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