Monday, January 26, 2009

Manic Monday ~ SNOW

Oh dear... better late than never, I suppose. Monday mornings irk me and I don't know why. I am retired and it's really no different than any other morning in my life. Anyway, I didn't get this written last night as I thought I would. I got involved in watching the mini-series on NBC about The Last Templar.

I lived in a SNOWed trapped environment for most of my life. I can subtract the 4 years I lived in San Diego and the 6 years I have lived in Sacramento. I don’t miss winter SNOW. However, if I ever do, I can drive 60 miles east of my home and be in the SNOW again. The SNOW-laden mountains of the Sierra Nevada Mountains are not only beautiful, but also provide this area with our main supply of water. And, for this reason, every winter we wish for SNOW… LOTS of SNOW. And although this is a very short post about SNOW, it's about all I want to think about that white stuff at the moment.

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  1. I've lived in snow forever and wouldn't mind not seeing it again!:)

  2. I said in my post, I only want snow on the grass and trees...not the sidewalks and streets. But I'll definitely add the mountains to that. Not only is it beautiful, it's essential for so many water systems...the slow melt is an important part of that.

  3. You have to admit its much nicer when you go visit it instead of shoveling it.

  4. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful areas in the world as far as I'm concerned as is the rest of the Sierra Nevadas. They were one of my favorite things about California and living in Stockton as they weren't that far away should I want to visit them.

    We don't have anything even close to them out here on the East Coast - the White Mountains of New Hampshire really pale in comparison though people love them just the same!

    I always figured that if I won the lottery, I'd have a summer home in the Sierras!


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