Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Nice To Be Noticed

According to the rules of the award,
you must list your 5 addictions and
then pass it on to 5 deserving bloggers to do the same.

This award came from storyteller Shelly the writer of This Eclectic Life . She described me as a “delightful blogger, with a warm heart, who makes me feel as if we are having coffee together.” Shelly got her fabulous award from Mo at Inside Mo’s Mind.

I thank Shelly for the kind words. I find it difficult to easily accept compliments – no matter how well-deserved they are. I think I can pretty much see the good qualities in other people and I am able to tell people how fantastic I think they are; but, when it comes to me, I feel that I always fall short of the goals I set for myself. And, I don’t think that I have as yet even started to fine-tune my blog. I am just using it as a tool to stay in touch with the world out there.

And now to list my 5 – or, 7 -- addictions (I thought this would be difficult… HA):
  • chocolate ~ no surprise there (in fact, I should just say most rich, sweet food. Although I am trying to change my eating habits, chocolate will still be on the list);
  • an afternoon nap ~ to refresh my feistiness;
  • playing on line video games ~ preferably ones that use some sort of logic or brain power and make me forget the pulls of the real world for a while;
  • blogging ~ for all the connections I am developing with so many talented people (and learning a lot of neat stuff too);
  • baseball ~ more specifically Boston Red Sox baseball. I even have R hooked. Last night he said that we really need to sign up for the baseball sports package on Comcast so we can watch all the games – he makes me so happy!!

And I am also adding: TV ~ good and bad but no soap operas (even if they are on, I’m napping… LOL. Actually, I like to take my naps during game shows; even if I don’t sleep, I don’t have to keep my eyes open to answer most questions. This is probably too much information, right?); and solitude (because of all the years I spent alone, I need to be able to catch a few precious moments of nothing but quiet and thought – sometimes I don’t find this until just before I fall asleep at night).

I chose not to pass this on to anyone specific; because I think that all the blogs I have read are fabulous and have received this award. However, if you have been overlooked, please take this award for your own... you deserve it.


  1. Congrats and well deserved. :)
    She was right on all points, delightful, & warm heart indeed!


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