Thursday, January 1, 2009

First of the Year 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! I have been absent from my blog for a few days... It’s not that I haven’t WANTED to write anything lately. Lots of topics have crossed my mind… like who ever coined the phrase “making love to (or hugging) the porcelain bowl” when your stomach rejects all that has (and has not) been put in it? Sorry guys, I have been under the weather a bit.

My poor city of Sacramento has been under the weather also. Sacramento has a FOG problem during the winter. Of course, the fog would NOT cooperate this morning when I wanted to take a piture of it... of course (grrrrrrrrrr... I hope this year gets better).

I mean a real FOG problem. The visibility at the Sacramento International Airport yesterday at noon was only about ¼ mile and the noon weather said that if you want to warm up and enjoy the sun, go to Lake Tahoe. Now that’s a change. There’s snow and ice and cold up there.

I remember the first time I saw THE FOG. We were driving back from Lake Tahoe – west down Highway 50 and BAM!!! There was this big ugly gray-black-brown mass blocking my view of the city – covering the valley like a dirty comforter over a bed. I looked at DH (dear hubby) and he said, “That’s THE FOG.” It looked like something really sinister!!

So, here’s our forecast for New Years Eve and Day:
After a foggy start to Wednesday with visibility less than a quarter of a mile in much of the valley, News10 Microcast meteorologist Monica Woods says skies will start to clear Wednesday afternoon but it will be cool with highs near 50. Fog will form again Wednesday night to ring in 2009 with a temperature near 44 degrees at midnight. Woods said areas of dense fog are possible again toward Thursday morning. Highs will be near 50 New Year's Day with mostly cloudy skies.

Quite often we don’t see the sun for days on end. Luckily our neighbor has orange trees that are full of fruit right now. We get our Vitamin C from fresh hand-squeezed oranges. What a delight! Thank goodness for those oranges.

What amazes me is that for THE FOG to form the difference between temperature and dewpoint is 5* F or less… and the relative humidity is near 100%. But the grass in my back yard looks like it’s dying – it’s all brown and yucky. But every morning, it looks like it has rained all night. DH says the grass is hibernating. Well, good, I won’t have to pay to have the yard work done until spring. [Maybe by then DH will have fixed the lawn mower? It takes an act of congress since he has been retired.]

And today, again HAPPY NEW YEAR, I am going out for a bit - if only to WalMart. I am getting cabin fever and tomorrow it's supposed to rain - that'll get rid of the fog.

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  1. I just hung up the phone after talking to my best friend in Stockton and she was telling me that it's quite cool and foggy in the Big Valley. Even though it gets incredibly cold here in Connecticut (today it got up to a whopping 20 with a nasty wind chill factor thrown in), I think that the coldest I have ever been was when I lived in Stockton and the tulle fog would roll in and stay for days on end. The phrase "chilled to the bone" was one that I was very familiar with out there and I still remember exactly what it felt like. Add on the fact that the fog (described perfectly by you!) was so incredibly depressing that I truly hated it. I'll take the 20 degree temperatures out here with a beautiful ineffective sun and bright blue skies over the stuff you get out there any day!

    A happy New Year regardless and I hope you had the chance to get out for a bit - even if it was just to WalMart!


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