Thursday, January 8, 2009

Medicine Bags, Projects and other stuff...

I wanted to post this last night but had problems downloading my photo. Things seem to have been corrected now.

Shelly (the story teller) Tucker who writes This Eclectic Life is doing a project for kids with cancer. She is asking anyone interested to make small medicine bags. She also needs small 'charms' to put in the bags (3 per bag). Check out her posting for Wednesday, January 07, 2009; it gives you a good idea of what to do. If you are a crafty person and would like to participate, let Shelly know. Last Friday, I sent off nine medicine bags that I made (some are pictured) and wouldn’t ya know it – the minute I got home for the post office, I had MORE ideas. I took an old pair of R’s jeans and cut out the back pockets. The pockets had Velcro closures which R considers a nuisance. All I need to do is add straps and they are done. And I have even more ideas for the rest of the jeans. That project is on hold for probably another day as I have started my “after the holidays” cleaning.

We took down and put away all the Christmas trimmings on Sunday. R was feeling pretty good and #1 son helped also. We put the tree up in our all-season room that we added to our home two years ago. Basically we use the room for my crafts and as a sitting area to enjoy the sun when it is too hot or cold to be outdoors. I LOVE this room. However, I have NOT been in love with the arrangement of things out there. So Tuesday, I went wild and had #1 son help me move things around in my craft area (while R was out). We moved most of my craft things 90 degrees to the right. In the process, I made a mess, but that is how I clean – I put everything in a HUGE pile and go through it. So that’s what I have been immersed in for the last couple of days. The sewing supplies are done and I just finished going through all my scrapbooking things. Then I will arrange and finish cataloging my baseball card collection; and finally, I shall tackle the yarn – how I love yarn!! I love to knit and crochet.

For the time being, my grandchildren have enough hats, mittens, scarves and sweaters. I have made many prayer shawls for friends also. So now I am making 6”x 9” crochet squares that will make afghans for our wounded service men and women. I think I have about 25 squares made now. I will mail out all I have made next week as there is a big afghan-making event in Maryland on February 1st.

So this is what has been keeping my days busy this week. Oh, I must also tell you that R ordered me a Christmas present that finally arrived Monday. It is a personal DVD player – I was ready to go out and buy one, remember? Well, now I can sit in the living room and watch MY movies while the boys watch their TRU-TV. Woooooo Hooooooo … I’m happy!

Have a great week… I’ll BBSL (be back sooner or later).


  1. Those are some great looking medicine bags and that was a terrific idea about the jeans pockets! Brilliant!

    Enjoy that new personal DVD player, what a great gift that I'm sure you'll enjoy using over and over and ... !

  2. I absolutely love that you have become friends with Shelly and Linda since they are among my favorite, truly neat, wonderful blog people.

  3. Jamie... I totally agree with you.

  4. Carol, the bags are so great, and I really appreciate your help with them. Cool that you are doing the 6 X 9 project, too!

    I understand what you mean about trying to re-claim that room. Sometimes a little change makes all the difference (and of course, there is always a huge mess just to get there, isn't that the case?)
    Hugs to you.


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