Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday, sweet Sunday

Well, WalMart has managed to bring back some 60's memories to my life. The new WalMart commercial for make-up that women can buy at their stores, uses a song I first heard in Flower Drum Song ~ "I Enjoy Being a Girl", sung by Nancy Kwan. I remember going to see this movie with my best friend, Debbie.

Another favorite song of mine from this Rogers and Hammerstein musical is "Sunday". During my life of having to hold down a job, this song would find its way into my Sunday thoughts frequently. And since today is Sunday, here is the song. (It's not the original movie video, but these 2 seem to enjoy the song also...)

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  1. My favorite song was "The Other Generation" sung by the kids and their parents about what is wrong with each other and the great tag line from the parents:

    When our out of hand sons are bringing up our grandsons. I hope our grandsons give their fathers hell.


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