Sunday, April 19, 2009

Manic Monday ~ PLANT

I really would like to PLANT a small vegetable garden this year. Those grocery store tomatoes don't hold a candle to a home-grown, fresh-from-the-garden tomato. Alas, my back yard has been torn up to replace the main “IN” water pipe to our house. The junction with the city pipe is in the middle of our back yard. I don’t know why (maybe… so many politicians create an environment for a lacking of common sense). And with all the small hills and valleys created by this excavation, and because my balance these days leaves a lot to be desired, I have been contemplating the TV commercial for Topsy Turvy Tomato PLANTs. They look like this:
Greg, the plumber, heard me talking about it one day and told me about what he does along the same line (and even cheaper). He has been growing his own topsy turvy tomatoes for years. He uses the white buckets that he gets with plumbing stuff in it.
He washes them out, cuts a hole in the bottom of the bucket, fills it with soil, turns it on its side, plants a tomato plant in the hole in the bottom and hangs it by the handle off the back porch of his house.
My only suggestion is: USE MIRACLE GROW soil. Dang that stuff works GOOD!!
So… maybe I will PLANT some tomatoes soon – if I can talk Greg out of some white buckets.
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  1. What a great idea. You just know someone with plumbers buckets is now making a mint on those tomato growers sold on TV.

  2. I really want to do that, so that I can put them closer to the house and the deer won't eat them.

  3. I've been curious about those - it sounds like a great idea!


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