Monday, April 13, 2009

The Roses

The above picture was taken on Easter Sunday 2009. It is a beautiful bush that grows next to our deck in the back yard. I cannot remember the name of the rose. It is a bush that our neighbors gave us for taking care of their sheltie, Smokey, last April. And this is what it looked like then.

Now Mr. G (hubby) gets a thrill out of imbedding plants in great topsoil laced with Miracle-Gro. And that is the credit we give for the beautiful rose bush pictured in my title.

The few years we had a vegetable garden he used Miracle-Gro soil and we harvested more tomatoes than I could use. That year I learned how to can tomatoes. The green peppers did ok, but we only got 2 cantaloupes (which were absolutely delicious). The garden was planted in an uncultivated place in our back yard. We were hoping to get another garden in this year but these renovations (that update will magically appear tomorrow, I hope) have put that on hold. I imagine we still could turn over the soil and get the plants in sometime soon.


  1. Miracle-Gro is definitely a great product and really does work - as evidenced by that beautiful rosebush!

  2. That rose is lovely. If you move fast say next weekend, you should be able to get some planting done before having to go to too much watering before the summer hits. I can send you some blue corn seeds.

  3. im beginning to think we will never see spring or summer around here

  4. I love that rose! I have one bush that is about that color (have no idea of the variety of it, either). I've been digging in the garage to find my Miracle Grow. I'll dig harder now!

    Hope your renovations are finished soon!


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