Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's IOU Time

So… today we are having our taxes done. Yes, we use a “tax professional” and pay dearly for it. It has been a crazy year financially for us. I am and have been receiving Social Security Disability (not SSI) for 2 years now. Last February (2008) R started receiving SSD also. Then, when he had to retire from his job, we had to request to have his 401K moved into a traditional IRA. There should be no problem with that as we have all the documentation. Because our 2 incomes are now half of what they used to be, we had to start drawing a little money each month out of the IRA. We have taxes taken out of this. Every year I keep a spreadsheet of our tax-deductible expenses. The medical expenses alone for last year should get us a full refund of the money we have already paid in taxes. If that doesn’t do it, then we can add in our prescription co-pays… and interest payments on the mortgage, etc.

I am anxious to see what we have coming for a refund; because, if some of you haven’t heard, our state is in such a financial upheaval we are getting IOU’s instead of state tax refunds. Now doesn’t that just make you want to move to the beautiful state of California? Along with having to pay for OctoMom’s idiocy (oh there are so many more words I could use) adding to our financial woes, California is sure in good shape. According to the news last night our sales tax will be going up 1 cent on every dollar; the gasoline tax will be going up 12 cents; and our vehicle registration fees will be doubling (guess we get rid of 1 car). State employees MUST take off two UNPAID days during the month (the first and third Fridays to be exact).

I wish we could sell and move even if the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence - or state line. Maybe just next door to Nevada. We are getting the house ready… LOL. This week, we have been getting estimates on having our plumbing replaced (I wonder if this is tax deductible). Then I hope to do a little renovation to both bathrooms and finally will spice up the kitchen a bit. JUST IN CASE…


  1. In addition to everything else, you have really been through it financially. I don't know if you will need a tax deduction next year, but on the plumbing front check into deductions for installing a "green" system of some sort.

  2. We wanted to use the new pex pipes instead of copper, HOWEVER, we would have to sign a release that if anything happens to the pipes, the plumber wouldn't be responsible for footing the cost of repairs. This is because we have a crawl space and the heat in the summer (which is a dry heat, at times exceeding 105*) can cause the pipes to burst.

  3. Wow, this post makes me rather glad that I moved from California to a State that is only marginally less expensive and not in quite as bad of a financial bind! Of course, our Governor here is singing the blues, too, and looking at making all sorts of cuts and concessions to get us through, too.

    I hope you get back every penny that you paid in - I'm sure that you and the hubby could really use it from the sounds of it!

  4. Gee, Carol, things don't sound so good... But I wish you the best and good luck. Hoping Obama does something to help! :)


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