Saturday, April 20, 2013

How I help out CCE...

Yesterday I thought of many pathways to follow in my crochet travels. My friend, L.J., has also started a crochet blog -  With Hook in Hand - to share with "hookers" also.  And there are many more blogs out in the blog-sphere also. Of course, today I am hard-pressed to remember most of them. So I thought I would tell about one the the charities that makes my crochet hooks happy (and keeps me sane).

One of the charities for which I crochet is Charity Crochet Exchange. With member suggestions, the directors chose 8-10 charities per year to create afghans for.  The afghans require six inch or twelve inch squares be created by members. They are sent to one of the directors for assembly and then presented to the charity for sale or use.  There are 100 members signed up on facebook for this group. We all try to help contribute to the postage costs incurred by the assemblers. I have met some dear, sweet people who give to this charity.

The JANUARY project was a member appreciation afghan. For each project you participate in, you get one entry for this honor. If your name is chosen, you select the color scheme for your afghan; and the group members create it.  This year's member chose the colors pink and grey.  I made these squares for the project:

And they went into creating this:

In FEBRUARY, we made afghans for victims of Hurricane Sandy. We made tons of squares and were able to sent off four completed afghans.  I made the following squares for this project:

Any squares left over from one project (notice the pink and grey from member appreciation) are used in future projects.  Some of the members are super productive, as was evident in our March project for Gibbs Nursing Home in Missour.


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