Sunday, May 3, 2009

from the week that was...

Guess I will work my way back through the week. Yesterday (Saturday) was rainy here in Sacramento. But I was on a mission to meet Linda at iHOP. We had a wonderful 2 hour visit, drank coffee, ate pancakes. Oh, by the way, do you see what's left of those strawberry pancakes on her plate. OMG... it was like a HUGE strawberry shortcake!! It was so nice just to sit and chat over a cup of coffee. Just like we have known each other for much longer than my few short months in the blogging world. She has a lot of traveling left to do around these parts before she heads back East. She is going places that will provide some fantastic photo ops.


On Thursday we were supposed to take Ramona to her last obedience class session but I opted out on that. The previous week the instructor had made me feel like it was hopeless to ever expect her to behave properly in public. Well... I just guess I showed HER!!

On Thursday, #1 Son and I took Ramona to the dog groomer (Bath & Bones). She got all purdy and good-smelling and got her nails trimmed. It's really a neat shop. You can have your dog groomed by them, but they also have washing stations where you can do-it-yourself. They provide the aprons, shampoo, water, etc for $15.00. Since Ramona shies away from water (doesn't even go out in the rain), we thought they should have the first shot at grooming her. And just to show the instructor how wrong she was about her behavior, Ramona proved to be very comfortable with many other dogs around. It must have been just an amazing "hen party". Of course, the groomer found that Ramona had some redness in her ears and advised a visit to the vet.

So... on Friday it was off to the vet. It's $190 later (that did include the medicines) and we have to put 4 drops of medicine in each ear once a day. That is a chore. But with treats, she doesn't make it too difficult for us.

While we were finishing up on the new bathroom, I had to run out to Home Depot to get a light switch cover before the inspector got there for the final inspection. Of course, I didn't just run in, pick up the $1.50 cover plate and come home. I just had to nose around the store... specifically at the dishwashers. Now I blame that on Mr. G as he remarked the other day that our current dishwasher really should be replaced. Yeah... I bought a new dishwasher. And I'll finish this story when we get back from Lowe's... (we're going shopping for a dishwasher)


  1. its nice to meet the person behind the thoughts and words.

  2. Glad you had such a good time with Linda. She was one of my first blogging buddies when I started my blog. You are so sweet and she is so nice, that I'm truly glad you got along.

  3. oh i love linda! lucky girl!

    smiles, bee

  4. Yep, I ate every single bite and it was darned good, too! Not having an iHop in Connecticut, I had forgotten how good their food was!

    It was a true pleasure to meet you and chat; I wish I had had more time to go check out your newly renovated bathroom but alas, I doubt I'm going to have enough time to do everything I need/want to do before climbing back on a plane.

    Don't forget - next time you're in Massachusetts we're going to get together again even if we meet at the casino!

  5. I love Linda too. We are having dinner tonight at Cancun along with Katherine. I'm so happy. :)


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