Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The dishwasher saga...

My last post ended with Mr G and myself heading out to Lowe's to find a new dishwasher.

I had done the same thing a couple weeks ago when I went to Home Depot for the light switch plate. At Home Depot, I found a nice Maytag dishwasher that I thought would fit very nicely in our kitchen. The salesperson processed everything at his register, gave me a stack of papers about the new dishwasher and I was told that my beautiful new stainless steel appliance would be delivered the following Wednesday. Now this was Thursday... that's a long time to wait. But ok... I'll wait.

Tuesday night, Mr G and #1 Son removed the old dishwasher and moved it to the garage. And then Mr G looked at the spec sheet about the new dishwasher. OMG, Carol!! This new dishwasher won't fit in this spot. It was something about the depth of our counter space being 24-25 inches and the appliance being 35" in depth (according to the spec sheet). So when the delivery service called to confirm a delivery time, Mr G cancelled the delivery as he believed the new dishwasher wouldn't fit. He thought it was either for a business or it was for a kitchen island.

And... back to Home Depot we went the next day -- it's now Thursday (last week). We took all the paper work with us to show them why we cancelled the delivery. The customer service rep was very helpful and very nice. But he couldn't help us because the delivery company hadn't put the dishwasher back into inventory on their computer yet. We actually went to the appliance department also and looked at the same dishwasher and found (TAAAAAA DAAAAAA) -- are you ready for this??? The information in the spec sheet was WRONG!!! Someone had put in a depth of 35" when it really is 25 inches. We were both a bit miffed. This whole situation was the result of THEIR error!

So we waited til Friday and went back to Home Depot. The same CSR was there to help us -- again he was very apologetic and was very helpful. The dishwasher was back in inventory. Did we want to reorder it? Well, I thought if they can deliver it on Saturday or Monday, sure. So back to the appliance department I went. Nope -- can't deliver until next Wednesday or Thursday. By this time, I was just a bit fed up. So I said NO, just refund my money. I was beyond being "a bit miffed" about this now.

So the CSR does the magic keyboard thing and handed me a receipt saying that my money should be back in my account in 24-48 hours. Now just wait a second! When I purchased this damn machine using my debit card (same as cash, right?), the money was OUT of my account before I got home. It's Friday, banks really don't work on Saturday or Sunday, so you are telling me that I have to wait til Monday or Tuesday to get my money back??? GRRRRR... grumble -- no longer am I miffed, I am seeing RED.

And that is why, Mr G and I went to Lowe's on Sunday. Our lovely new dishwasher was delivered yesterday morning and the boys (Mr G supervising #1 Son) actually had it working before it was time to make dinner. And I decided to get the black one instead of the stainless. I was a little leary, but wow! it looks so nice (Mr G likes the little blue lights on it when it's working). Oh, and the money to pay Lowe's came out of my account AFTER the delivery was made. (The money from Home Depot was back in my account this morning -- Tuesday -- grumble)

I must chuckle... while at Lowe's Mr G decided that it would be nice to put in a water filter for our refrigerator. Then he extended the idea to include a filtered water spout at the sink. We have gone from having water service to using BRITA during the past 2 years. Now we can just turn on our own filtered water spigot at the sink. Well... when the project is done we can... I'll let you know how that turns out...

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  1. What horrible customer service. I'm glad you have it all resolved now. I'm sure you are a Lowe's shopper now too.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. oh good for you! now get the insta-hot and you're all set!

    smiles, bee

  3. I hate having to deal with all the appliance stuff. a few months ago I had to go through the same thing
    with stackable washer/dryer

  4. My my my. Home Depot deserved to lose that sale. I'm glad all turned out okay and the little blue lights now signal a safe landing.


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