Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Yes, that is me.  I have discovered how much I enjoy crocheting.  It used to be that I would only crochet in the cooler months, but now it’s pretty much a year round thing. And it used to be that I would knit and crochet -- the knitting needles are gathering dust.  Dave Barry puts it so very well:  There is a very fine line between a hobby and mental illness.

This latest craze of mine started when my granddaughter fell “in love” with Panda bears.  I searched for a pattern that I could either knit or crochet a hat for her and finally combined a couple of patterns to create this:
Then I added funfur yarn and it became this:

New England Patriots

Chicago Bears       

Jacksonville Jaguars

Green Bay Packers

Cincinnati Bengals


There are many more, but I won't bore you with ALL of them (LOL). I am so proud of these creations.  They were one-of-a-kind… the pattern was basically in my head.  And suddenly, it seemed, everyone had a “specialty” hat.  All kinds were seen around.  So I looked elsewhere, for projects. 

Look for "HOOKOPOTAMUS 2" coming to this blog soon...

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  1. How adorable. I love crafty people. I don't have a crafty bone in my body. Sure wish I did.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. First off let me say welcome back to the blogging world just a little bit late! I just read your first post and am so glad to see that your husband is doing so well with his remission and that your son has done so well in his career in a relatively short amount of time!

    As for the sciatica, I can SO sympathize. Mine has been flaring up quite a bit lately and I'm thinking it might be about time for me to get another round of steroids myself. When I had the three shots done way back in 2005 they made a HUGE difference so I'm hoping that the problems that have returned can be taken care of that way rather than surgically. I guess that time - and an MRI - will tell!

    I love all of these great hats that you've made and I love them even more being that they're originals! Ah, to be a crafty person like you! I bet your granddaughter loved that Panda hat - it came out great!

  3. Carol, these are wonderful. You are starting your own business - Right? Now about an owl or the Los Angeles Dodgers ... :-)


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